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The Trophy Wedding

Youth Crusade was a monthly meeting for the youth of Knoxville, Tennessee.  It was in the 1960’s and our little country church had won the trophy every month for several months, because we had the most people in attendance at the meeting.

The church who won the trophy got to take it back to their church to display it for the month and then return it the next month for the next winner.

The meeting was to be at First Baptist Church in Fountain City.  We had decided to meet our youth group at the church since we lived close to it.  It was getting close to time for the youth rally to begin and our group had not arrived.  We kept watching the door for them to arrive, but there was no sign of them.  We became concerned.

About thirty minutes into the rally, they filed in…all 45 of them!  After it was over, we ran over to talk to them and find out what caused their late arrival.

They began to tell about arriving at a church and unloading the bus.  When they got inside, they were surprised to see men in tuxedos who insisted on ushering them in the church one-by-one.  They each told the men that they always sat close to the front, so that is where they were seated.  The person with the trophy gave clear instructions for the usher to place the trophy on the altar.j

As they observed their surroundings, they noticed candles burning and everyone around them seemed to be dressed up. 

They realized they were in the wrong church and this was not the Youth Crusade!  So…they got up and filed out in a a group.  One of them went to the altar and snatched the coveted trophy on the way out.

We began to laugh as we imagined how the bride must have felt when she looked out the window and saw a bus unload 45 people at her wedding.

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