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Hire A Director!

All of your months, weeks, or even years of planning every detail of your wedding can all blow up in smoke if you haven’t taken care of one major detail…your wedding director!

One couple had planned to take communion during their ceremony.  They even talked about it to the bridal party and to us.  The problem was, they never assigned anyone the duty of getting the bread or wine, or setting it up for them.  A few minutes prior to the begining of the processional, someone asked “Where’s the stuff for the communion?”.  The minster’s wife went running down the hall to the nursery and grabbed some crackers and boxed juice.  She was squeezing the juice out of the box into the challis as I was crawling along behind the choir modesty rail setting  a pedestal in place to put it on!

Many brides have been charged extra for rental items that were damaged or not returned, due to not assigning anyone the job of taking care of that detail.

There have also been many toss bouquets left at the church, along with the guest book, because no one had been asked to make sure that these items made it to the reception.

The best thing to do is to hire a professional wedding director, who is accustomed to dealing with such details and will coordinate the follow through on all of them.

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