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More Photography Tips

Recently, we had a bride who was very upset over her wedding pictures.  She made the comment that the photographer only got a picture of her back, going down the aisle.  I inquired if he had an assistant and she said no.  “Well, I guess he couldn’t be two places at one time.”, I replied.

This is another example of not communicating with your photographer about what you specifically want.  It is also a good example of the advantage of hiring a photographer who uses at least one assistant.  Gone are the days when the wedding photos all look the same, all posed shots of the bridal party.  While you will probably still want those pictures, the best (and least boring) are the candid shots.  A good photographer will capture moments at your wedding that you will never see, things that are going on that you might not know about otherwise. 

Another bride was extremely disappointed, because she let a friend do the photography for her wedding.  The friend usually captures images of  butterflies and close-ups of individual flowers.  They assumed that because she was so good at this, that she would do an awesome job with the wedding, and they could save money.  The pictures were terrible, and this is all the bride has to show for her beautiful wedding.  She immediately regreted the decision, but  it was too late.  She had no pictures of her wedding that were clear, focused, or did any justice to the bridal party, or the decor.

Before hiring a photographer, look at portfolios from at least five.  Don’t  hire based on price alone, or because they seem nice.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  In the wedding industry you get exactly what you pay for.  If you want quality photos, hire a quality photographer. 

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  1. Great advice indeed! These moments can never be caught again so just as you spend that extra time searching for the right church, rings etc, the same focus should go towards locating a great photographer!

  2. Rosemarie said:

    I asked a friend to do my photos and he turned up 10 minutes before I left the house clutching a photo of his new baby – his wife ‘chose’ that they to go into premature labour and had given birth by emergency section one hour before. I ofcourse sent him back to the hospital and my brother was handed his camera (bad choice!) I have about 5 half wound on photos of my wedding. It was such a bad plan that I decided to become a wedding planner so no one would make the same mistake I did! 12 years on and business is going well and I never forget my friend’s son’s birthday!

    By the way thanks for your kind comments on my blog, as a way of thanks I’m adding you to my blogroll!

  3. Most people don’t realize that photographers, like doctors, specialize.

    I had a friend who hired a fashion photographer to shoot her metal-art tables. Needless to say the photographs were a complete disaster and she threw away $1000.

    Frankly, I doubt the guy was even a professional photographer – he shot her work insider her house where the colored walls cast a tint on all her work – no professional would have done that.

    Paying for a professional wedding photographer is important! These pictures will be with you the rest of your life!

  4. This is a topic that is close to my heart.
    .. Thank you! Where are your contact details though?

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