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Flowers set the tone for your entire wedding.  They are in nearly every photograph, so choose wisely. 

Gerbera daisies are a perfect flower choice for an informal or outdoor wedding.  They are a cheerful flower, and come in nearly every color that you can imagine.  Using a mix of mini-gerberas, also known as germinis, and large blooms, creates a lovely bouquet. 

I am featuring Erin and Kevin in this slide show, because their choice of gerbera daisies was ideal for their wedding.  As you can see, they truly do set the stage for beautiful wedding memories.  I would bet that if Erin took one of those daisies in her hand, and began to remove petals, repeating “He love me, he loves me not.”, she would get a definite YES to her question.  It’s evidenced throughout this show.

To add a little personal interest, they will celebrate their third anniversary in June with Elliana, their brand new baby girl!

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  1. I wish I’d had you around when I got married! Beutiful article and page. I could stay here all day. 🙂

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