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The Wedding Cake

Did you suffer from sticker shock when you priced wedding cakes?  Did you ask yourself why they cost so much?  It might surprise you to learn the quantity of ingredients in the average bridal cake.  In a 12″ tier, the baker has to mix six to seven recipes of cake.  To frost that layer will take 4 lbs. of powdered sugar, plus butter or shortening, flavorings, and milk.  Add to that all the intricate decorations and you have many hours of very skilled labor.  And that’s just for one tier.  Generally, you have a larger one and a smaller one in addition to the 12″. 

A good baker will charge anywhere from $2.00 per slice to $25.00 plus, per slice, depending upon the flavor and the intricacy of design. 

Susie’s Specialty Wedding Cakes baked this elegant cake and groom’s cake for Tara & Jorden’s wedding.

Michael Wade was the photographer.

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