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A few years ago, we were attending the wedding of my nephew.  It was a lovely affair, and we had enjoyed the dinner and dancing.  We patiently waited for the couple to cut the cake.  The festivities continued and it was beginning to get late.  Soon, the murmering and whispering began, “When are they going to cut the cake?”  The question passed from table to table, among my relatives.

You see, we love wedding cake, and we have become quite the taste testers and judges of the same.  After about ten or fifteen minutes of this, the natives became restless.  My son-in-law  looked at my daughter and asked, “What’s the big deal about cutting the cake?”  Poor thing!  He just didn’t understand.  My daughter explained.  “Don’t you know?  The wedding isn’t about witnessing a couple promise to love, honor, and obey ’til death do them part.  It isn’t about dinner or dancing.  It’s all about the cake!”  He just shook his head.

Not all of your wedding guests are so concerned about when you will cut the cake, but most of them would like to watch you cut it, and many of them will want to taste a piece of it, too.  So, when is an appropriate time to cut your cake? 

If you are having a plated dinner, it is appropriate to cut the cake after the toasts.  If you are having a buffet or heavy hor d’ ourves, and your guests have been eating while you were having pictures taken, then after your first dances would be a great time to cut your cake.  Don’t leave your guests asking, “When are they going to cut the cake?”

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  1. Makes for excellent photo opportunities too! My youngest daughter decided to make lots of small cakes (helped by her Auntie) for each guest of the wedding but they still made a cake suitable for cutting at the top of the pile for photo shoots. Click on the link to my name and you’ll see the cakes.

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