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Outdoor weddings are growing in popularity.  Brides and grooms who are seeking a less formal and more intimate ceremony opt for venues that inspire with their natural backdrops.

It was a perfect day for Ben and Tara’s wedding.  Their outdoor venue, Maple Lane Farms, in Johnson City, TN, provided a glorious backdrop with it’s surrounding mountains, trees, and pond. 

A favorite flower for outdoor weddings, that will be a show stealer, are Gerbera Daisies.  Tara favored multi-colored daisies to enhance the color of the surroundings, and to complement the Bahama blue hue of the bridesmaids dresses.

Mandy Patrick of Inspired Images by Mandy captured the colors and the spirit of the wedding in these lovely images.

Comments on: "Outdoor Weddings Are In" (7)

  1. My son had an outdoor wedding last year near the end of Feb. It was gorgeous, out by the lake. A nasty cold wind kicked up at the last minute, so the seating was rearranged to get the guests out of the wind. Reception was inside, and the place had big glass windows, so guest who felt cold could watch from inside.

  2. I always thought they were called “Gerber” daisies, like the baby food, lol. They are really beautiful flowers!

    BTW, I love, love, love your color scheme on your website – lavenders and greens are a favorite color combination of mine!


  3. I went to an outdoor wedding at Duke Gardens and it was the most beautiful wedding I had ever attended. The weather was just right, the flowers were in full bloom and the array of colors was breathtaking!

  4. When my daughter was looking for the perfect setting for her wedding, we found it at the outdoor amphitheater at the Girl Scout camp where she had spent many happy summers. We were able to get permission to have the wedding there for a small donation to the local Girl Scout Council. There was a natural walkway between two rows of dogwoods leading to the amphitheater. With the dogwoods in bloom, it was absolutely beautiful! Add to that the fact that camp had always been a special place for her and it was perfect.

  5. I love what you do! I must connect my daughter with you. She makes bridal and formal wear here in Australia and is newly launching her business – a goal she has had for over 10 years!

  6. We just love outdoor weddings. We were married almost 24 years ago, and were not allowed to move outside of the church according to our conservative Melkite Catholic Church.

    Not too long later, we became ordained through a missionary sister organization the the Assembly of God Church – World Bible Way Fellowship out of Texas. In the last 20+ years we have officated at hundreds of weddings outside, inside, and all over! We have helped mixed faith families as well as 2nd and 3rd marriages – helping couples get what THEY want in their wedding.

    Great information, and wonderful thoughts in your post!

    Dr. Sally

  7. Can it be 4 years ago this month that my daughter was married outside at the NJ Botanical Gardens, and had her reception at a rustic lodge on a lake 5 minutes from our home? Where did those years go! We kept our eye on daily, and even though the rehearsal was on a steamy hot, humid day, and showered all around us, it didn’t rain where we were rehearsing. Then the next morning, the wind blew in dryer and cooler air, the sun shone brightly, for a picture perfect outdoor wedding! Thank you, Lord.


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