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Inviting everyone you have ever met.  This is one of the biggest money pits in planning your wedding.  For an average cost estimate, you can count on $2,000 in food budget for every 100 guests.  Allow for approximately eighty percent of your invitations to be accepted. 

When making your guest list, you may need to consider is it more important to have 250 acquaintances or a more intimate affair with closer friends and family.  The latter will allow for more amenities.

Comments on: "Wedding Planning Mistake Number Three" (1)

  1. This rings home with me like you can’t believe.

    My parents and my in-laws took control of the guest list and added almost everyone they have ever known, presently know and plan to know. (Well, that might be an exaggeration).

    The kicker is that we were paying for the wedding and I was weak at the moment and simply didn’t put my foot down.

    Be strong! when it comes to the guest list.


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