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Wedding Planning Mistake Number Five:  Trying To Do Everything Yourself 

Trying to do everything yourself will leave you frazzled, stressed, and unable to enjoy your wedding day or the events leading up to it.    If you have never planned a wedding before, you will soon find yourself in unfamiliar territory, which includes more details then you can wrap your mind around.   Choose some things to do that you would particularly enjoy doing yourself.  Maybe you are very creative and would enjoy making your guest favors, or decorating your flower girl’s basket, or personalizing your attendants gifts.  You will be addressing invitations and writing thank you notes, and a gazillion other things.  By the time you pay fuel costs to shop for every little detail, you could have hired a professional wedding planner.  Save yourself hours of time and frustration by hiring a professional who can guide you through the process in nearly a stress free way.  It will be worth every penny!

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  1. Ya, its every true, you need to look for a good planner, (GOOD does not mean the most expansive). let the Wedding Planner take care of the it. besides this the place is very important to make your Wedding memorable one.
    You should check Las Vegas Weddings
    Specially the beautiful Las Vegas Outdoor Wedding Location.

  2. Why would anyone ever even consider planning their own wedding? I realize that people might think it saves money but in the long run the therapy you’d have to pay for to recover from doing it yourself would be way more!!!!
    If I ever got married again (can you say when pigs fly?) I’d hire you to Diva up my nuptials!

  3. Good advice! Many of my clients are couples looking for just the right spot to have their wedding. Some are looking for the entire event out-of-town (I’ve found locations in Hawaii, Las Vegas, Dallas, Cancun, and Germany). Others are just looking for a great hotel so their guests can all stay at the same location (group room rates!). Sometimes they even book their reception at the same hotel. All of them say the same thing – they are so glad they did not have to run around checking out hotels, trying to get prices, and dealing with contracts. They want to do the important stuff – like find the perfect wedding planner!

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