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Asking Friends or Family To Do the Job of a Professional

Your wedding day memories should not be left to chance.  There are many things that you can assign a special friend, or relative, to do to assist you with your wedding, but leave the professional jobs to a professional.  I’ve heard many horror stories about brides who left their photography to someone who is not accustomed to the special lighting and needs of a wedding photo session.  Some of your most memorable moments might not be documented, because Uncle Fred didn’t have enough camera batteries, or he was busy socializing. 

One of our brides let a friend do the photography.  The lighting was so horrible, that most of the pictures came out too dark to see what was what.  The remainder was put on a CD and the mother-of-the-bride discarded it by accident.  The friend had deleted the images from the camera and had not made a back up  disc.  Now, they don’t have any pictures at all!

Maybe Aunt Bessie makes a mean Red Velvet cake, but unless she has experience with the structure of a tiered cake, I wouldn’t suggest asking her to make your wedding cake. 

Another bride of ours had a neighbor make her cake.  She arrived at the reception hall as I was getting ready to leave.  I witnessed her applying frosting to the cake, licking her fingers and the knife, with every stroke. 

More than one bride has cried at her wedding, because she trusted a non-professional to do her flowers.  Unless they are professionally trained, friends have no idea how long it takes to put an event, such as a wedding, together.  Moms and brides drop their jaws when I tell them that our staff works a minimum of three full days, and sometimes an entire week, putting together the flowers and decorations for their wedding, not to mention the hours of preparation during the months prior.

Have a polished, perfect wedding by trusting those who know their job to do their job.

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  1. OK so that may explain why my first marriage didn’t work out. Everybody associated with it was a family member or friend—right down to the photographer who took instant photos so we could take them home with us!

  2. OMG – the finger lickin’ cake, lol! I’m sorry for that bride, but you made me laugh, then gag wondering how many pieces of wedding cake I ate that this had happened to!

  3. I may never eat wedding cake again! Great advice as always. Where were you when I got married?

  4. Always trust the professional. Most of them have been specializing in their art and know what’s best.

  5. Pam,

    My husband and I had a very homespun wedding – in a park, friends brought food, Mom made my wedding cake, etc.

    And to be honest – we loved it and wouldn’t change a thing.

    EXCEPT: We asked 3 friends to video tape the wedding. All of them came with dead batteries in their camera!

    To your point, I wish we had a professional videographer tape our beautiful day.

    Honestly, I don’t regret our homespun approach – we had a beautiful start to a wonderful marriage. However, you are right – if we had chosen to go a more traditional route, as most people do, professionals would have been the way to go.

  6. To add to the story, and your point:

    We did have a friend who was a professional florist do the flowers….and a friend who was a professional caterer make the entree….and a friend who was a professional photographer take photos for us.

    So…maybe not so homespun after all. 🙂

  7. What a great piece of advice given by someone who obviously knows. You views are close to my own but mine come from the perspective of a wedding photographer, and I really do get to see where weddings go wrong.
    On the other hand I get to see some amazing weddings too and some of the very loveliest are those where the bride hasn’t got too hung up about the colour of her chair covers.
    Its all about prioritising.
    Thanks for your blog – a little bit of commonsense about weddings!

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