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Altar candles

Altar candles

Not making it a point to know the restrictions and guidelines for your venues.


A candlelight ceremony adds so much to the ambience of a wedding.  However, many venues have restrictions about using it.  A lot of buildings will not allow open flame.  This means that lovely candelabra you had your heart set can’t have the candles lit.  Some will allow candles, if they are contained under glass, and have something under them to catch any wax that might drip.  Others won’t allow candles in windows.

There are restrictions in some places, regarding your choice of music, so if you are planning to use “The Boys Are Back In Town” , or another non-traditional wedding song, for your groomsmen’s processional, you will want to check with the venue first.

Does your vision include rose petals down the aisle?  Whether a few, tossed by the flower girl, or a thick pathway of rose petals, many venues will not allow fresh ones, they must be silk.

What about birdseed, rice, bubbles, sparklers, and other get-away items?  Clear them with the site.

You can pick up a booklet of restrictions and guidelines in the office of the venue.  It will be wise to read them, and clarify with the manager, prior to booking your wedding at a location that will be too restrictive for you.

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  1. Like knowing you shouldn’t spike the punch if your reception is in the basement of your church!

  2. Oh yes I’ve seen spiked punch that made for a horrible reception. Drunk children aren’t cute.

  3. Thanks very much for your interesting post. Will be back in the future.

  4. Lovely blog! Thanks for the useful information.

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