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Arriving Late and Leaving Early

The wedding reception is a time for you to mingle with your guests.  These guests have set aside this time for you.  Making these friends and family wait for an hour or longer for you to arrive at the reception is too long.

Many brides and grooms are opting for having the wedding pictures taken before the ceremony.  This not only saves time, allowing you to enjoy more of your reception, but will soothe a lot of nerves.  The photographer can capture the groom’s reaction to the bride, when he first sees her, just as easily as he could during the ceremony.  This is a personal preference, of course.  Just be mindful of the time, should you choose to have them taken after the ceremony.  We have seen many guests leave a reception before the bridal party arrives.

If you are serving from a buffet, allow the guests to begin, prior to your arrival.  If it is a plated dinner, have hor d’ ourves, drinks,  and music while they wait.  As soon as you arrive and have your first dances, go ahead an cut the cakes.  If your guests have been there for a while, they will appreciate this.

Be sure to allow plenty of time to talk to your guests, and to enjoy fully your party.  This is your day, so celebrate and revel in the beauty of it.  Don’t cut it short.

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