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I Do, I Do, I Do

It’s no wonder I love weddings so much, and no accident that I should be a wedding and event designer.  I grew up with it.   We often had weddings in our home.  

Daddy was a minister, so he would preside over the ceremony, Mother made the wedding cake, and catered the food.  We had candelabra, that Mother would decorate, and chairs to set up an aisle in the living room. My sisters, Donna and Jeaneane, would play the piano and/or organ, and Suz and I would light the candles.   

I loved to hear Mother’s beautiful, melodic, soprano voice as she sang songs like “O Promise Me”, and “The Lord’s Prayer”.  Her voice was so clear, she sounded like an angel.  One of my favorite memories of her is hearing her sing around the house.  She was always singing while she worked.  I learned a whole repertorie of songs from her housework concerts.  “Wedding Bells Are Breaking Up That Old Gang Of Mine”, was one she would sing.  Mostly, she sang hymns and songs about how much God loves us.

Mother made melt in your mouth butter cream mints for the weddings.  She would make them by the hundreds and put them in a tin, in the freezer.  They would mysteriously disappear.  After her passing, my children and their cousins all admitted to sneaking to the basement to get into Mamaw’s mints.  I’m sure she probably knew the culprits of the missing mints, but she never said a word about it, she just made more mints.

I don’t remember many funny things from those weddings.  I recall that they were all very sweet and intimate, and it didn’t matter that just a few people were in attendance.  That made it all the more special. 

That was in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s.  In 2008, we think we must have a wedding that costs many thousands of dollars, but the truth is, whether you have an elaborate wedding or a simple one, by the end of the day the result is the same.  You are married!

I miss those simple weddings, where they promised to have and to hold until death did them part.  More of those folks remained married than those who are getting married today.  Was it the simplicity of the times, or was it that they had been taught the meaning of commitment.  I wonder.

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  1. I have seen the tv show, Bridezilla, that is the name of it, isn’t it? I wonder sometimes what these guys are doing marrying someone who would act like that in the first place 🙂

    Hugs, Claudia

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