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Beauty or Bridezilla

Thanks to the popular TV program, “Bridezilla”, we have become familiar with the bride who is more beast than beauty.   Be aware and considerate of those who have spent money to be at your wedding, often causing them financial strain.  Recognize those who have worked tirelessly to bring your dream to fruition, your family, your friends, and your vendors.

Ahhhhhhhhh, the vendors.  There is an old saying, “You will catch more flies with honey, than with vinegar”.  Treat your vendors with respect, and they will bend over backward for you.  Treat them like hired help, and you can believe that you won’t be getting one thing extra.  Vendors get together and talk by phone, and through professional networking.  You don’t want to be the topic of their next discussion!

Contrary to popular opinion, the wedding is not all about YOU!  The commitment you and your fiance are about to make to each other is is the purpose of the wedding.   The reception/party is a celebration of your love, but it is not the main event.

My mother used to say, “Beauty is as beauty does.”  Be a beautiful bride, inside and out.

Comments on: "Wedding Planning Mistake Number Ten" (3)

  1. Pam,

    I do see your point but as someone who recently got married, I can tell you some vendors make Bridezillas come out of brides! You’ll have to ask my girlfriend Tasha about the time we went to David’s Bridal and how I almost lost my cool due to the lack of quality customer service. If we’re paying for it, we should have it the way we want it and we should get the service we pay for.

  2. Of course, you should have things the way you want them. We’ve seen brides be so ugly to their parents and even their fiances, this is more to what I was alluding. However, no vendor is going to go the extra mile for someone who is treating them badly or is demanding. Fortunately, we have only had a couple of brides like this in our nine wedding seasons.

  3. My son got married last year and would not let his fiance watch that show…! But we have all seen the Bridezillas. I think the best thing the bride can do is delegate, delegate and when that doesn’t work…delegate!

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