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Finding a venue at which to have your wedding is one of the first things you do when you begin planning your special day.  Many of the larger venues are expensive to rent, and don’t include a lot of the things you need, such as tables, linens, chairs, and decorations.

If you have a college or university close by, take a walk across campus.  You might find the perfect outdoor spot, or a chapel to have your ceremony.  Some of them charge a fee to use the facility, and others don’t.  It generally is less expensive than other venues.

King College, in Bristol, Tennessee, was the location for Sydney and Matt’s summer wedding, featured in this slide show.  The colors were amazing, and the fragrance from the Freedom roses was romantic.

Comments on: "Wedding Sites that Are Cheap" (3)

  1. menopausemama said:

    That’s a beautiful wedding photo. But you know what? I always wondered why it was so necessary to have such a big wedding when some of those same ones don’t last.

    The second time I got married I thought about doing it outdoors but Nate wanted to do it in church so I honored that.

  2. I would never have thought of a college as a great location for a wedding but now that you mention it – great lawns and ivy covered buildings and a lot of wonderful, young energy!

  3. Our local park is alive spring summer and fall with ceremonies…
    A truly lovely setting…

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