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erin-coming-down-aisle_web1Some venues charge fees ranging from fifteen to twenty-five dollars to sprinkle rose petals on your guest tables.  You can save money by calling your local wholesale florist and requesting “petals for roses”.  These are roses that do not have enough vase life to sell to florists, so the wholesaler will sell them to you for much less than the regular cost of a rose. 

Roses come in packs of twenty-five roses of the same color.  It takes two to three roses to yield enough petals for one table. 

Your options for adding color to a space, using rose petals, are not limited to tables.  You can use them to line your ailse, as in this picture.

This is a terrific job for your bridesmaids, and they will enjoy beheading the roses and putting them on the tables.

Comments on: "Wedding Savings Tip Number One" (4)

  1. menopausemama said:

    You would’ve been a wonderful person to know 30 years ago. Your tips and suggestions are wonderful! I will surely pass them on to my daughter if she should ever decide to take that trip down the aisle.

  2. My sister is getting married next June and I get to help (lucky me!) So I have been looking all over for anything and everything I can find. Your blog will come in very handy. Thank You!

  3. That is a wonderful idea…I’m going to share that with my sister who’s getting married soon, thank you! I love how you’ve been featuring money-saving tips on your blog – with today’s economy, this is wonderful info for brides. Keep up the great posts, I look forward to reading more!

    -Jaime @ “It’s A Jaime Thing”

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