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DIY Wedding Centerpieces

DIY centerpieces can be easy to do, and you are only limited by your imagination and checkbook.  One thing that makes a cute centerpiece is a Blume Box.  Check out their web site at

Here are some other ideas for you to consider:

Click on the images to enlarge.


This centerpiece consists of 6 roses, river stone, and bear grass.  It has clean, contemporary lines.




The candle grouping below, and to the right, features a crystal hanging from center vase, and roses glued to the top (bottom) of vase.



Below is a simple centerpiece of river rocks and gerbera daisies.  Great for a cocktail table.






Below is a vase of wheat grass, surrounded by gerbera daisies on river rocks.  Simple and clean.


Comments on: "DIY Wedding Centerpieces" (14)

  1. Pam,

    Your ideas for wedding centerpieces are simple, elegant and beautiful. And your photographs are amazing! Since I’m not going to be putting on any weddings in the near (or distant) future, I’m going to borrow your ideas for gracing my own table when I have my girlfriends over for lunch. Thanks for the great suggestions!

  2. I love them all, especially the pink roses in the rocks. They are beautiful and, like you said, look pretty simple to make. I will remember that for my next reception. Hopefully, one day my husband and I will renew our vows.

  3. Great looking website,very relevant header,Very nice contents and logical. I Enjoyed my stay on your website. and really wish you all the best. GOOD LUCK!!!

  4. Warm, simple and elegant.

  5. […] row: first and third picture from  Julie Mulligan’s floral blog, center picture from Idoweddings  Bottom Row: Sunflower centerpiece from Better Home and Gardens, orchid design from Livia Revo […]

  6. I love the first centerpiece picture with the light pink flowers and the river rock….does anyone know where in the world can i buy the shallow square bowl for not too much money?

    • Jennifer,
      I purchased these at a local wholesaler. They are very inexpensive, maybe around $4 each. They are fiberglass. Contact Tennessee Florist Supply and ask how much they would sell them to you for. You can tell them you saw them on my blog (Pam Archer), and that I referred you to them. 423-968-1177. Ask for Dennis. Tell them it is the smaller of the square/angled, clear, design dishes.

      • Thanks Pam for the detailed information. It’s relieving some stress about my centerpiece. The design is elegant and it doesn’t look too difficult to pull off.

      • Do you think the centerpiece with pink roses will work with red roses–since that’ll be part of my theme colors? And where can you get the stems that are hovering over the roses?

      • Yes,they will work with any color, any flower. The green foliage is lily grass. It is simply anchored by the river rocks.

  7. How big are the square glass centerpieces? It’s the third picture.

  8. Mallory Neubecker said:

    I really like the first picture with the pink roses and river rock with the bear grass over the top. I have been searching for simple and inexpensive ideas for my upcoming wedding reception. My colors are fuschia and dark blue. I was thinking about doing fuschia roses and finding blue stones for the bottom to match my colors. I think it will be stunning! Thanks for the great idea!

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