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Eat, don’t drink, and be merry…and save money!

The cost of food and beverage is the biggest part of your wedding expense.  Eliminate alcoholic beverages, and you will save a significant amount of money.  This is easy to do if you have your wedding in the morning or early afternoon.  Your food cost will be less as well, because you don’t have to serve a meat.  Appetizers will be enough.

Excerpt from book, “99 Things You Wish You Knew Before You Planned Your Wedding.”  Available at

Comments on: "Wedding Savings Tip Number Two" (3)

  1. Each wedding is very personal and I feel each couple should have a say as to what is planed. Often the parents want to have their perfect wedding, not what the couple wants.

    One wedding, the bride and groom wanted no alcoholic beverages, finally it was the look how much money it will save you, and we don’t have to worry about ____ making a fool of themselves which sealed the deal.

  2. menopausemama said:

    I should’ve had NO ALCOHOL at my first wedding. When I woke up from my drunken stupor (18 years later), I realized i made a terrible mistake :).

  3. what a great money saving idea ! Noone needs alcohol at their wedding anyway.

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