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wedding cakeThe Frosting on the Cake

Simple isn’t always cheaper, but in the case of the wedding cake it is. 

Maybe you already have your heart set on an intricate design on your cake.  If so, you will skip this tip, but if you want to save money, opt for a simple design, or put ribbon or flowers on your cake.  Intricate designs are labor intensive, that is why they cost more.

Fancy fillings and frostings will elevate the price of the cake, but there’s no reason you have to have it on all the tiers.  Save those for your topper and use a less expensive, but still tasty, butter cream for the other tiers.

Excerpt from “99 Things You Wish You Knew Before You Planned Your Wedding, by Pam Archer

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Comments on: "Wedding Savings Tip Number Four" (2)

  1. I absolutely love the design of this cake! You know, Nate and I never had a wedding cake–no reception. We just had a quiet little wedding but when we make it to five years, I think I’d like to do what we didn’t get to do in 2006. Hopefully, I can get you to plan it for me 🙂

  2. My mom once made wedding cakes. Lots of work involved and I always loved hers. She made both my cake and my daughter’s. Sadly she doesn’t make them any more.

    I also remember working for a catering place and they dropped the cake one day. Talk about a scramble, and they managed to get the cake put together in the nick of time. Thank goodness they had an emergency plan in place.

    I also love flowers on cakes. My newest daughter-in-law had hers made out of pumpkin cheesecake, frosting, real flowers.

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