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Outdoor Reception Centerpiece

Outdoor Reception Centerpiece

If budget constraints prohibit you from hiring a florist to make centerpieces for all of your guest tables, there are many that you can do yourself with a little planning ahead.

Groupings of vases with a single flower variety, in this example we used pink roses, is striking and simple to do.  Add some ribbon and your monogram, a few votive candles, and you have an exquisite, personalized centerpiece.

If you have a lot of them to do, I recommend doing them two to three days in advance, and assign some friends to place them on the tables for you just prior to the ceremony.

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Comments on: "DIY Outdoor Wedding Centerpiece" (9)

  1. Pam,

    Beautiful centerpiece! We had my daughter’s wedding outdoors, then the reception at a fairly “rustic” lodge on a lake on a spectacularly sunny day! My daughter and I did all the decorating…the centerpiece was a beautiful potted plant with small blue flowers and two candles burning on each side.

    At the end of the wedding we gave away the plants to family members, and people who helped with the wedding..our’s was a real “home-spun” wedding, and turned out to be a wonderful memory.

  2. Very elegant and classy, just like you!
    You can’t even imagine how shocked I am that our son’s upcoming wedding is already over $250,000.00 for just one day. Yes, it is going to be awesome; but as for me I would have bought a house with that money 🙂
    Maybe I am too practical; but I will be a good mother in law to my future daughter, enjoy the wedding, and thank God that I did not have to pay for it 🙂

  3. I’d have bought the house too instead of that price for wedding. Yet for many, they have the money and go all out.

    When time to print up invites came and I asked my daughter the location of wedding to put on invites, she found out that no place had been reserved. She thought the place had been reserved by her husband to be, and he didn’t realize it was something that had to be booked way in advance. On their wedding date, all places where booked, no room to be had.

    My parents live next door to my sister, adjoining backyards, white picket fence and arbor. It became a neighborhood event. Tables, chairs and tableclothes borrowed from the church. Flowers were blooming in the yards, same colors as those she’d picked. Neighbors too.

    She wanted to float flowers in little bowls, but couldn’t find the perfect flowers. Then a neighbor said she had the perfect ones in her yard, and she’d love for us to use them. We did, it worked great.

  4. Wow! Those are really beautiful. So simple yet creative. Love it!

  5. […] is a very simple centerpiece from Idoweddings. Just choose the flowers you want, buy them and put them in a vase (or drinking glass as we saw […]

  6. Angelica Garcia said:

    How did they do the monogram, did they have a template?

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