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“I entered the ballroom to tear down after the wedding.  Josh’s mom was sitting there crying.  I inquired as to what was wrong.  “Josh and I have been so close since his father died.  We do everything together.  I feel like I have lost him forever.”  She sobbed.  I chose my words carefully, as I attempted to console her.  ‘The best way to keep your son is to love his wife.  If you love her, and are a good friend to her, you will not only keep your son, but you will gain a daughter.’  She pondered my words for a moment and replied.  ‘You know, you are right.  I love Gracie.  I just hadn’t looked at it that way before.  I think I’ll gather some of these flowers fom the tables and make a centerpiece for their breakfast table.’

The last time I saw this mom, she was enjoying her two grandchildren, and was as happy as could be. ”

Excerpt from “99 Things You Wish You Knew before You Planned Your Wedding” ,  by Pam Archer,

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Comments on: "Wedding Advice for Mothers’ of the Groom" (4)

  1. Pat Montgomery said:

    Very Wise! It is so true and I am blessed that I don’t have to pretend to love my daughters in law–all three are amazing women.

  2. Hopefully I’ll still be alive when my grandson makes a decision to take a wife because I will certainly be offering my own reviews. My prayer is that he will be raised in such a manner that he will be able to identify what the “right kind of girl” is.

  3. Great advice! We don’t have any sons but we do have two great sons-in-law and love to spend time with them.

  4. Its nice to see a blog created with real thought and effort, keep up the good work!

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