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You might be surprised to hear a wedding and event designer say this, but in some ways the crunch of our economy on bridal budgets has been a positive thing.  WHAT??  Yes, I believe this.  While I most certainly love to plan the lavish weddings, I get equal satisfaction from guiding a bride with a limited budget through ways that she can have a perfect wedding, too.

The realization that most of us could  be a lot better stewards of our money has many brides looking for DIY ways to cut expense.  What I like about this is that the result is a much more personal and intimate wedding, because the bride has put her personal touch on her wedding.  I still stick to my advice that some things should be left to a professional, I certainly encourage some DIY projects.

Tomorrow is DIY Friday, so be sure to come back to see a fabulous and creative table design that’s perfect for an outdoor wedding, bridal shower, or informal rehearsal dinner.  You won’t believe how simple it is to create, but is it ever eye- popping!

See you tomorrow!

Comments on: "Beautiful Weddings in Bad Economy" (1)

  1. Ivory Pearl Bridal Mall said:

    Ditto…I love DIY weddings. 31 years ago, my wedding was a DIY and 2 years ago, my son’s wedding was a DIY. I have done DIY weddings for friends and family members.

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