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Wedding Bouquet Flowers

Peonies $$$$

Peonies $$$$


Vanda Orchid

Vanda Orchid $$$


Stephanotis $$$

Stephanotis $$$


Scabiosa $$

Veronica $$

Veronica $$

Bridal magazines and web sites can help you to find bouquets that you like.  It may not be so easy to identify the flowers in them.

Most people know hydrangea, roses, lilies, daisies, and calla lilies, but apart from that are not familiar about all the varieties and options available to them.  I have put together this mini catalogue for you, to use as a reference when choosing flowers for your bouquets or for boutonnieres.   Most of these are available year-round, with the exception of Helebores, Peonies, and Ranunculus. 

$ – inexpensive  $$  – moderate $$$- expensive $$$ – very expensive

Dendrobium Orchid $

Dendrobium Orchid $

Alstroemeria  $

Alstroemeria $


Lisianthus  $$

Lisianthus $$

Ranunculus $$

Ranunculus $$

Cymbidum Orchid

Cymbidum Orchid $$

Gloriosa Lily  $$$

Gloriosa Lily $$$

Dahlias $$

Dahlias $$

Freesia  $$

Freesia $$

Delphinium $$

Delphinium $$

Helebores  $$$

Helebores $$$

Comments on: "Wedding Bouquet Flowers" (1)

  1. I really love the Delphinium , Pam these are awesome! I wish you were closer I would have you plan my next wedding married to Ray for 31 years now and would be nice to do it all over again with him. Something to hope and dream about.
    You do such wonderful work!

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