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One of the most fun parts of planning your wedding, is selecting your wedding cake.  The cake is a great way to personalize your style.  Many brides are opting for chocolate cake, as opposed to the traditional vanilla.  There are so many delicious flavors to choose from now that it’s hard to make a choice.  Most cake bakers will serve samples, so that you can determine the flavors you want.
Some brides have the baker make each tier a different flavor.  Guests like this, because they can choose their favorite flavor.  The filling can be anything from buttercream to mocha, to Italian creme.  Basically, any flavor you can imagine is a choice.
Keep in mind that if you choose exotic flavors, that your cost per slice will increase.  The same goes for intricate designs on the cake.  The more patterns, the more expensive it will be.
I came across this fabulous cake baker in the UK.  Maisie Fantaisie does beautiful work!  It’s worth a trip to the web site to see for yourself.   These cakes will have you drooling!
For the chocolate lovers, have a look-see at the first two cakes.  Yum!
Satin Stripes Wedding Cake

Satin Stripes Wedding Cake

 It wouldn’t be good to leave me alone in the garden with this cake.  I wouldn’t be able to waddle myself out of it.  I’m such a chocoholic…

Chocolate Garden Wedding Cake

Chocolate Garden Wedding Cake

 This sunflower wedding cake is bright and cheery.  It makes me smile just to look at it.  Wouldn’t you love a bite?  Lemon flavored sounds good to me!

Sunflower Wedding Cake

Sunflower Wedding Cake

 For the hopeless romantic, here’s an idea for you.  Write your future spouse a poem.  For a whimsical theme, you could write something funny.

Gold Poetry Wedding Cake

Gold Poetry Wedding Cake

Doves are the  epitome of love and dedication.  They mate for life!  This is why they have always been known as “love birds”.  Terms like lovey-dovey orignate from the faithfulness of  doves.  Doves also symbolize peace, hope, and promise.  Before you are tempted to call your fiance a birdbrain, take a lesson from the doves and be kind.  I think we should all take a lesson from them.

Love Bird Wedding Cake

Love Bird Wedding Cake

Not everyone wants a traditional, tiered wedding cake.  Some couples prefer cupcakes.  I adore these pretty little things from Maisie’s.   


Wedding Cupcakes in Sweet Pea and Roses
Wedding Cupcakes in Sweet Pea and Roses

Which one is your favorite?  What flavors would you choose, if you could have anything you wanted?  Do you have ideas for a cake?  I’d love to hear those, too!

Come back in a few days to see some of the word’s most exotic cakes, and be sure to swing byMaisie Fantaisies.






Comments on: "Wedding Cakes European Style" (7)

  1. Pat Montgomery said:

    Tough choice–all are gorgeous, but for a wedding, I like the doves

  2. I have to agree with Pat. I like the Doves but I don’t like the other decoration surrounding it. I’d have to sprinkle something red somewhere. The one I absolutely DO NOT like is the first one.

  3. I still like the one my son had for his wedding. Inside was pumpkin cheesecake. White with flowers. I love that first cake, but not for a wedding, unless it was the groom’s cake.

  4. The romantic me loved the doves, the whimsical me loved the daisies, and the practical me loved the cupcakes!!!! Guess I’d have to have them all! Would I be a baker’s dream client or what?!?!? Thanks for sharing as always, Pam.

  5. I’m afraid they’re all too amazingly wonderful to choose a favorite. I am, I have to admit, a chocoholic so the first two might have a slight edge over the others. One huge drawback for each of them… they’re so pretty, I’d hate to have to cut into them!

  6. which cake won? Did I miss it?

  7. Loving that satin stripe wedding cake! The bows definitely add a certain elegance to it. The sunflower cake is super fun too!

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