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Photo by David Crigger/Bristol Herald Courier

Photo by David Crigger/Bristol Herald Courier

Something rare occurred recently.  It is so rare, that I can say it has never happened to me.

My staff and I were working putting the finishing touches on the flowers and decorations for a wedding reception.  We had arrived early that morning and it was lunch time.  I always provide food for my staff, while they are working for me.  If we are working in the shop, I cook.  On-site, we send for take-out, or I take them to eat.It was close to noon, and the bride’s parents came into the ballroom.  After many oohs and ahs, the mother said, “Pamela, what you and your crew doing for lunch?”  I replied, “We are going down the street to Pop Ellis Soda Shop.” “Well, John (name changed) wants to buy your lunch.”  She was smiling as she spoke the words.  John opened his wallet and handed me a very generous amount of money for our lunch.  I had eight people to feed.   I was stunned!

This is a detail that doesn’t occur to the clients to take care of, and understandably so.  They are busy taking care of the needs of family and guests.  They never stop to think that the D.J., wedding planner, coordinator, photographer, or other vendor, has been there for many hours, with nothing to eat or drink. 

A good rule of thumb is that if a vendor has been on-site for 5 hours or more, a vendor meal should be provided.  This doesn’t have to be the seven course meal you are providing for your guests.  You can inquire with your event host, or caterer, as to what they can offer for vendor meals.

If that wasn’t enough to make my day, later I was finishing the ceremony site, spreading petals around the gazebo.  Once again, the father-of-the-bride approached me.  “I think I owe you some money.”  He said.  “How much do I owe you.”  I didn’t have the invoices in my hand, so I told him that I wasn’t sure, but I thought it was such and such amount.  My daughter ran to her car to get the invoices.  I pulled them out to show him, but he already had a roll of money in his hand, bound with a rubber band.  When he handed it to me, it was considerably  more than the invoice.  The tears welled up in my eyes.  “Thank you so much”  He smiled and hugged me.   “I’m the one who needs to say thank you.  You made my daughter’s wedding beautiful.  You gave me and my wife the wedding we never had…I’ve seen how hard you’ve worked, and you’ve been so good to my wife and daughter.  I want you to have this.”  I was overcome with emotion.

Though all of our clients are appreciative and have written thank you notes, and given kudos and referrals, we have never had anyone treat us with such kindness and generosity.  We always go above and beyond, doing special and extra things for our brides, so it was a flow of emotion to have this gift spoken into my life at that particular moment.

I had been working 21 hours per day for nearly 3 weeks.  I was totally exhausted.  This meant everything to me…far more than the money, was the heart with which it was given; that of  a beautiful, generous soul.

In your rush to plan your wedding, take a few moments to plan for your vendors, too.  You will be gratefully appreciated, and never forgotten.  You can believe that you will be given glowing reviews.

Check our which famous person stopped in to Ellis Soda Shoppe for a milkshake.  Can you guess? Find out by clicking on link.

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  1. Sometimes when things feel especially stressful and harried (as the past few weeks must have felt for you), an act of kindness and generosity suddenly appears and melts all the stress away. I’m sure, Pam, you consistently outdo yourself and make your weddings truly events to remember. It was wonderful that this father of the bride remembered you in such a special way. I realize, beyond the money, it was the feeling in his heart… and I also realize that his gratitude was richly deserved!

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