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Molly+and+AdamOutdoor weddings continue to be very popular.  With the color palette that nature provides, not much needs to be added.  Whether your venue is a sandy beach in an exotic country, a European castle, or a farm, like the one I am featuring, it will offer its own interpretation of beauty. 

Today, I’m taking you on-site as we begin preparations for this intimate, country wedding.  The bride and groom are avid hunters, and enjoy the great outdoors.  The bride first wanted a camouflage wedding dress, but mom persuaded her to wear something more traditional.  Their Save-the-Date bookmark/magnet, designed by the bride’s sister,  was a unique way to reflect their favorite pass-time, hunting.

The video shows the farmhouse, which belongs to a friend of the family.  They were gracious to host the wedding, and have been very busy making certain that everything is just right for Molly and Adam.  Today, you see the before images.  Come back after the wedding tomorrow night, to see the simple decorations.  We did the bridal party flowers, the front porch, windows, and sidewalk/aisle.  Family and friends decorated for the reception, and they have some really cute DIY centerpiece and guest favor ideas.  

The Helvey farm is located in Kingsport, Tennessee.  It is a working farm, with cows, pigs, and a donkey.  Nestled in the hills of Appalachia, it provides a scenic backdrop for sweethearts to join hands and pronounce their love and committment to each other.

The country setting will set the tone for an evening of relaxed celebration; a fun time for all.


Comments on: "Outdoor Wedding on a Farm Part 1" (5)

  1. Pam,
    It was great to see you hard at work doing what you do so well! You look cool, calm, and collected but I’m sure there were a million details running through your head. Loved the video and I’ll be checking back tomorrow to see the final product!
    Good luck and happy wedding!

  2. So glad you shared the “behind the scenes” gave me a great idea to do something similar for my customers.

    Decor is such a mystery to so many people, if they only knew the sweat equity that went into it!

    Have a great day… and be sure to REST UP!


  3. Hey Pam,
    You look great! Glad to see you out on the farm! I can tell that’s going to be a beautiful wedding. I’m such a country girl, anything outdoors gets my vote! Great video. Looking forward to the “after”. Good Job, Diva!

  4. Awesome job Pam:) You did great!

  5. Bravo! Welcome to the world of video marketing. One thing I might suggest if you do one of these for BoomerDivaTV is to talk about the number of man (woman) hours involved and how you, as the Event Planner, must coordinate everyone in order to pull it off. I can see so many creative subjects coming from you–as well as humorous happenings 🙂

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