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We were back on the Helvey farm today, putting the finishing touches on the wedding decorations.  As a result, I have three videos for you. The first shows the flowers and set-up.

The second one features the mother-of-the bride explaining some DIY ideas that Molly, Adam, and Molly’s sister Alexis, made for the wedding.

The third is a  behind the scenes look, as Maria and I go to the barn to look at the uninvited guests, Miss Charlotte, and Charicea, better known as Resse Cup.  You don’t want to miss this one.  It’s hilarious!

The Mother-of-the-Bride, Patti, had a couple of DIY ideas she shared with us by video.

Even further behind the scenes were Ms. Charlotte and Clorisa, better known as pigs.  Did you know that you should put a pig on it’s back.  See why:

Comments on: "Outdoor Wedding on a Farm Part 2" (2)

  1. These were just so great, and I MUST share what happened whilst watching the last video….lol, I’m still laughing…when Charlotte? was squealing for the camera, my collie; Sophie, went CRAZY! lol She could hear everything, tilting her head left and right, then staring at me, for some kind of explanation lol
    Had to play it again, then show her the screen….hilarious! Wish I could have got THAT, on video.
    Thanks for sharing and btw—-LOVED the floral deco & mum’s ideas! How clever!

  2. Very cool. Beautiful results. And it’s fun to see a pic of you working to get everything ready.

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