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The first dance by the bride and groom moved past the awkward swaying to and fro of years past to hip, new, choreographed, fun dances.  Talk about a way to rock a party..these will do it.  The guests are unprepared for it.

This bride and groom obviously weren’t content with the ritualistic, ceremonial procession.  They got  jiggy with it!  I am all about personalizing your ceremony, but I would have preferred to see this at a reception.  I would really love to hear your comments about this one.

Comments on: "Unique Wedding Processionals" (10)

  1. I know I’m probably the LONE dissenter on this but I thought it was stupid and memorable only in the fact that it was ridiculous. Maybe I’m just old fashioned but coming down the aisle of a church dancing like that would take away from the meaning of the moment. That’s just my opinion.

  2. I enjoyed the video. It looks like they are having a great time and I can’t think of a better way to begin a life partnership together.. then in song, dance, joy and celebration!

  3. Talk about a celebration!!!
    I think weddings should reflect the love and joy that couples feel for being with one another, and this one certainly did that in spades. It made me want to put my dancing shoes on and “get down!”

  4. I absolutely applaud them! Through each step, I smiled, happy to see the wedding party ALL so willing to take part in this! Yes, very ‘off-the-wall’, but judging by each expression, the smiles and the applause….they WANTED their day to be how THEY wanted to remember it!

    I for one, clapped and waited with the same enthusiasm and anticipation for the bride’s entrance, just as I would for any ‘traditional’ wedding. In fact, I think I was MORE excited for her appearance…..the sunglasses were a cool touch!

  5. I love it! I don’t know anyone here (yet) in Oz that’s done that but I’m going to be showing heaps of people this clip. What a wonderful way to start their life together – song, music and dance! I hope their whole lives together has a part of that regularly. Their guests certainly won’t forget this wedding!

  6. It would be interesting for the couple to view this video 20 years from now. Gives me an idea, I think when Ray and I do our vows again we will play some gospel praise music and practice doing some praise dancing. Ummm

  7. Now had they done this anywhere else but inside a church would’ve been perfectly fine. A garden or backyard wedding would be much more suitable. Now I actually saw a clip on YouTbe that I enjoyed: “Take Me the Way I AM” Lyrics were appropriate and it didn’t look like some hip hop ceremony:

  8. I think weddings should always be for the couple. How they want to celebrate their commitment to each other, the start of a new chapter in their life’s story. Too often, which I’m sure you know, too many others say how a bride and groom should be doing things because someone else is wanting their dream wedding through someone else, forgetting we are each unique.

    Thanks for sharing Pam.

  9. flipsidetomusic said:

    I think this was AWESOME!
    Its suppose to be the Brides day of sharing her happiness with friends and family and well this bunch looked like they were having a blast! 😀

  10. flipsidetomusic said:

    However i must add another comment………..
    If they did it purely to be famous (of which they are getting that way from it) then to me that then takes away from the personalness of it.
    I do have to admit with all the different versions out there of it including now a divorce one too it is getting to be a bit much now.
    But then thats just my personal thoughts on it.

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