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Brides Love Tulips

When Jason and Libby came in for a consultation, they didn’t know where they were going to get married, or what Libby was going to wear, but they were sure of one thing; Libby wanted orange parrot tulips.  Her bridesmaids were wearing a soothing shade of sage green, so the green, yellow, orange color palette would be perfect.  With trends going toward brighter colors, this would fit right  in.

The Bristol Train Station, in Bristol, VA, had been recently restored to its 1930’s glory.  Trains still click along on the railroad track, which runs parallel to the depot.  It can be exciting for a train to go by, as guests are dining outside. The Depot has a  charm about it, that keeps this venue in high demand for weddings and other events.

I was able to procure the exact variety of tulips that Libby wanted for her bouquets.  Combined with the green hydrangea and organge lilies, the contemporary bouquets were outstanding.

I only have a few pictures of the wedding, but you can get an idea of the color scheme, and how bright and cheerful it was.  What a great start to a marriage…bright and cheerful!

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