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Outdoor Wedding Rained Out

Saturday was an example of having to resort to Plan B.  The weather was iffy from the get-go.  Scattered showers throughout the region made the decision to move the outdoor wedding at The Oaks Castle indoors.  The sun would shine, then the heavens would open up with thundering rainstorms.

The decision was made at the last moment possible, to allow decorating and setting up of tables and chairs inside.  The castle has a couple of covered terraces, which was nice for tables and chairs.  The wedding was intimate and sweet.  Guests didn’t seem to mind standing for the ceremony, and there was plenty of casual seating for the reception.

If you are planning an outdoor wedding, you must have a Plan B.  For as much as you just know the weather will be perfect on your wedding day, it can be inclement.  Pray for the best, but prepare for the worst case scenario.

I invite you inside The Oaks Castle for a tour.  If this doesn’t put you in the mood for a wedding, nothing will.  I apologize in advance for my little boo boo of dropping the camera. 

Happy Plan B planning!

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  1. One of my son’s had an outdoor wedding, with reception inside. Wedding was end of February. We could have had it indoors, but they really wanted it outside. The sun was shining, but a wind picked up blowing off the lake. None of the guests where in a hurry to take their cold chairs. So we turned it around, chairs had a windbreak now. Guests warmer and if feeling too cold, they could now watch from inside. Yep, always a plan B needed.

  2. Oh, Pam! Your creativity shines whether or not it’s raining. I LOVED the mantle decorations and the idea of hanging candles for the branches. Even though the setting was magnificent, you added to it with your gracious touches.
    I’m sure the bride and groom felt more than blessed to have chosen you to coordinate their very special day!

  3. I didn’t get to see much of the video because it kept starting and stopping but I do agree with having a Plan B. Thankfully, I had a Plan B, after my first divorce! 🙂 Called NATE.

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