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Have you ever gone through your parents wedding album and laughed at the styles, way back then?  Or, flipped through a high school annual to realize that the clothes you wore, and thought were so hot, are subject to peals of laughter?

I can tell you that I have seen my share of ugly bridesmaids dresses!  I know someone who has been a bridesmaid seventeen times, and she can tell you that very few of those dresses were a flattering style, or a pretty color.  I found this image at Three Times a BridesmaidThis 80’s style dress didn’t look much better on the actual bridesmaids!


It’s easy to find dresses like these.  You can probably look in your closet and bring out two or three.  I don’t know what comes over brides!  These normally very chic and hip, fashion conscious divas, lose all sense of reason and style when it comes to selecting the formal wear for their attendants.  This isn’t always true, of course, but even if they choose a great color, the style isn’t flattering to all body types.  The moans, the groans, the rolling of eyes that I have heard and seen from these young ladies, is sad.  To add insult to injury, they are asked to pay some outrageous price for a dress they will wear only once…begrudgingly. 

Brides, forget about choosing a dress that they can “wear again”.  It isn’t going to happen!  Do, however, be conscientious of their pocket books.  Young brides have lots of young friends. They all get married around the same time.  It gets expensive to be in a lot of weddings!  By the time your attendant buys the dress, shoes, travels, and buys you a gift, they are into your wedding by several hundred dollars.  More than likely, they have just started a new job, new marriage, or had a baby.  They do not have a lot of discretionary income.  Keep that in mind. 

Oops, I started chasing a rabbit there.  Back on topic, I started looking for dresses in current catalogs.  Don’t get me wrong, I would have a hard time choosing from all of the truly amazing gowns available.  I did find a few that I felt will be viewed in a few years as “What was she thinking?” dresses.  Granted it all comes down to personal taste, but here are my choices for ugly NEW dresses:


This poor bride looks like the crochet needle is stuck in her back!  Much like Scarlett O’Hara, when she made the dress from the green drapes, this designer obviously grabbed the tablecloth!


Ahhh, the blousson!  I’m sorry, I know this is a trendy style, but it won’t be around for long.  Once again, I believe that this was once the window treatment in a little girl’s room.  At least it doesn’t have a big butt-bow, and the shoes are cute.

uglybridesmaiddress 1

Oh my!  Mary, Mary quite contrary, where does your garden grow?  Around your neck!
That I find these dresses ugly, is neither here nor there.  As I said, it is a personal taste thing.  I will say that while they are not my faves, they aren’t inappropriate.  This is another consideration, when choosing your or your attendants dresses.  Make sure that they are appropriate. 
 Through my scavengering around on the web, I came across this most inappropriate wedding dress.  If I were the florist for
that wedding, the bouquet would be wide and cascading and would strap onto the bride, around her waist.
uglypregnantbride dress

Don’t embarrass yourself and your guests by overexposing yourself.


Who let this poor girl out of the house, or dressing room for that matter, looking like this? Why didn’t her mother, or friend, or bridal consultant tell her this would not be good for her?  Now, her wedding picture is all over the Internet.  I doubt that is what she wanted. 

When you go to select dresses, take one or two people with you, whose opinions you trust.  It can save you time and money, and your attendants a whole lot of sleep.

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Comments on: "Ugly, Ugly, Bridesmaids Dresses" (7)

  1. WOWEE!!!
    I was a bridesmaid a couple of times. Thankfully, both times, the dresses were pretty and didn’t resemble the selection above. Nevertheless, the two final bridal gowns you’ve shown make for quite a statement–eye popping to say the least!

  2. LOL! What an entertaining blast from the past. I have only been a bridesmaid twice and likeEileen had pretty dresses. I did forgoe being a bridesmaid once when the dresses resembled the blue ones above, except they were cotton candy pink. I am not fond of that shade of pink… in fact, I prefer mauves to pinks so would not be caught dead in a dress like that. And because I tend to be too direct, I told my friend. She was hurt to say the least.

    Have learned that sometimes it is better to avoid the subject than hur someones feelings.

    Pam you always come up with great posts! Thanks so much,


  3. I actually liked that crochet-style dress. It was definitely something I could see myself wearing 30 years ago. I dare not put my first wedding dress on display because I know you’ll probably post it up here on this list. 30 years later, I can say it was hideous! But back then, it was so gorgeous!

  4. What were they thinking? They wanted to be photographed in those? Some better than others.

    Still when I look back at wedding pictures, and see the color of my husband’s tux, surely I didn’t pick that out. Don’t think I did, think it is what the shop he went to said would go with my bride’s maid dresses.


  6. If I had boobs like hers I;d wear a dress like that…. beautiful…

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