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Vintage Glam Wedding

Bird Cage Wedding VeilWe generally have an  all-or-none policy; meaning that if you contract with us to do your decor and flowers, we do both the ceremony and the reception.  The reason for this is that if someone asks “Who did your flowers?”, we get credit for our work, and not that of someone elses.  A case en point.  We did the flowers for a lovely outdoor wedding.  Without our knowledge, a relative of the bride added a cheap, garden arch with pink, yellow, and white tulle and plastic flowers all over it.  She also wrapped bushes and shrubbery in tulle.  It looked like little ghosts randomly dotted all over the field.  We made sure she got ALL the credit for her creation!

My name is on our product and floral design, so it’s important that I know any additions that a friend or family is planning to make.  We want consistency in quality, color, and design.  So, it was out of the norm for me to agree to let Meredith do her own reception.  I did so without hesitation or reservation, because I knew her mom, and knew it would be tastefully done.

Meredith wanted a vintage look for her wedding ceremony, and an Old Hollywood Glamour look for her reception.  The centerpieces that she wanted could easily be a DIY project for her. and could be made in advance for convenience and time management, plus she saved $$ in labor cost.  She should be very proud of her efforts, because they turned out fantastic!  She made the Ostrich feather centerpieces, and added the special effects lights, inside the Eiffel Tower Vases.

White Feather Wedding CenterpieceVintage Candle Holder with Crystals






The wedding ceremony was held at Meredith’s church, First Broad Street United Methodist Church (far right in photo), in Kingsport, TN.  The church is a historic church, located on Kingsport’s famed Church Circle.  The circle has four churches on it.  The 4th church, shown in the second photo, is now a Fine Arts Center.

Church Circle

Church Circle

Autumn at Church Circle
Autumn at Church Circle
Meredith’s colors were purple and green.  Sometimes purple flowers will photograph a lot darker than they actually are, but most of these  are pretty accurate.  We pay attention to detail.  Notice the jewels inside the calla lilies.  We also added jewels to the greenery on the pew markers.  Also in the bridal bouquet, are Bouquet Jewels.  The window vase, at the church, is accented with wire swirls.
Purple Vintage Bouquet
Purple is becoming more popular with brides for 2011.  Bling in the bouquet, and on the stems, is still hot as well.
Bling on the Boutonniere
Purple and cream wedding bouquets
The wedding cake was very elegant, and oh so good!
Photography: Brooke Roberts Photography Brunswick, GA
Cake: Gayle Bogart, Kingsport, TN
Church and Bridal Party Flowers: Pamela’s Exclusive Floral & Event Design, Kingsport, TN
Reception: Ridgefields Country Club

Comments on: "Vintage Glam Wedding" (2)

  1. Purple and green? Interesting combination. Can’t picture it but I bet it was lovely. I love your line: “We made sure she got ALL the credit for her creation!” I, too, believe in giving credit where credit is due!

  2. Those photos were amazing! I am blown away by all you do, Pam, and you do it with creativity, taste and style. A bride who has you for her wedding designer is lucky indeed !

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