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Fresh flowers are expensive!  If your favorite flowers are cost prohibitive to use everywhere in your wedding, or if your budget doesn’t allow for flowers on your guest tables, consider having one statement piece at your reception.  Place the arrangement in the room, so as your guests enter the room, it will draw their eye.  The buffet is often a great place to have such an arrangement. 

Though this arrangement was used on guest tables, it is an example of something that would work well as a statement piece.  The special lighting accents are what make it stand out in a crowd:


Including fruit in the buffet centerpiece is a lovely way to compliment the food.

2.22.09 901


Your wedding cake can also double as a focal point of the reception hall.  Everyone looks for the cake, so why not highlight it!

This cake was done by

Photography by



 There are many ways to save money on decorations for your wedding.  With a little thought and ingenuity, you can have a knock-out reception without breaking your piggy bank.

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  1. I love the idea of fruit combined with the flowers. It would have to be for decoration only because I can’t imagine people pulling fruit from a beautifully designed vase. That seems tacky.

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