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wedding-invitationTricias Bridal & Pageant,  submitted these stories from her experiences with brides on a quest to save money:

 “I have a friend who’s doing my photography.  She is not a professional or anything, but I think she’ll do a great job.  She promised to provide me all the shots on a disc for a small fee and I can print whatever I like. “   Let me tell you how that money-saving deal turned out. The last time I talked to the bride, they had received three discs with the pictures.  One of them worked–sort of. While disc number one had a few images, the other two were completely blank. This money-saving deal turned out to be quite disappointing.  The wedding is now just memories; the special moments are preserved in the minds of those who attended.  There are no wonderful pictures that capture the poignant moments.

“I’m buying a bridal gown from a ‘Big Box’ store to save money.”  Currently, I’m re-designing–to the best of my ability–a gown that was purchased at a “Big Box” store with the reassurance from the sales associate that it was a unique gown. It was unique until it showed up in an advertising promotion plastered all over bridal magazines and the “Big Box” website! 

“I’m printing my own invitations to save money”, or “my great-aunt-Susie Q is having my invitations printed as a gift”.  I’ve seen variations on how this project turned out.  The latest was one  whose invitations were worded incorrectly, and the return address was on the bottom of the envelope back, not on the back flap!

The invitation sets the tone for the wedding, whether formal or informal, so convey this by choosing an appropriate invitation.  Remember to have an addressed, and completed invitation weighed at the post office, to  be sure that you affix adequate postage.  One bride wondered why she wasn’t receiving any RSVPs.  It was because nobody received and invitation, and she had failed to put a return address on them.  And please don’t forget to put stamps on the respond envelopes! It is a breach of etiquette to ask your invitees to purchase their own postage.

“I don’t need anyone to coordinate or direct my wedding.”  Unless you want your special day to look like a three-ring circus with no ringmaster, find an experienced, professional director/coordinator to take care of the details, establish a wedding-day itinerary, and make sure everyone is aware of where they need to be and when. A wedding procession should run like a well-oiled machine–not like a fire drill.

 What I’m trying to say is leave it to the professionals!  Your wedding day should be an enjoyable experience–not a nightmare that requires survival skills!’ ~ Tricia Edwards

Comments on: "Hire Professionals for Your Wedding" (5)

  1. Well done, Pam! I hope many brides-to-be find this blog!

  2. I tried to coordinate my first wedding in Ohio from Massachusetts. It was CRAZY! My photographer who lived in another city two hours away was a good friend who said he would come and take pictures for FREE. That should’ve been a clue that he wouldn’t show up–and he didn’t. My bridesmaids were in three different states and ended up with three different styles of bridesmaids dresses–although I must say they turned out very beautiful.

    Ironically, when Nate and I got married and there was just us, and our witnesses, I did have a bridal coordinator–and she was FABULOUS! 🙂

  3. Having gone both ways, hiring someone is much less stress. Leaves you free to focus on your guests, wedding. I designed my daughter’s dress and everything. (Turned out great but the little buttons down the back popped open during bridal shots, had to fix for wedding). If you do it yourself, it will take as least 3 times as much time and money to get all the details right as you imagine.

    Both times we had professional photographers and I can take great photos, but not do that and focus on the wedding. Better results too with the professionals too.

  4. I don’t know if wedding planners are as big in Australia. I don’t know anyone who has used one but they probably do exist. I know we put a lot of effort to help our daughters with their wedding plans and it would have been good if there was someone to turn to.

  5. Weddings are so stressful..of course you need a professional!! I love that invitaiton…it reminds me of the one I would have liked to send out for my son’s first marriage!!

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