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If you are a bride who has taken on the role of wedding planner, please allow me to offer some advice.  Communicate with your vendors!  During your initial consultation with them, they will ask you the time and date of your wedding.  This is the time and date they will go by when planning their schedule and hiring their staff.  If your are planning pretty far in advance, it isn’t unusual for the time to change an hour or two.  While you might not think it important to notify your vendors, believe me it is!  Not telling them can result in you not having your caterer arrive on time, or even have the food ready for your reception.  If your florist is going by the original time, then you may not receive your bouquets in time to walk down the aisle with them, or the florist may still be decorating as your guests arrive.  

One bride changed the day of her wedding the week before the wedding, but she failed to tell us.  Another one never signed a contract with us or told us she wanted us to do her flowers.  She called me from the church that morning!!!  You can call us miracle workers, or you can chalk it up to one more good reason to hire a wedding planner/coordinator, who is used to dealing with details like this on a daily basis.

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App for iPhone/iTunes

App for iPhone/iTunes


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