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Here are a few more images from our bridal show.  The following image is of a head table we set up at the entrance to the hotel.  I did the floral arrangments, but it was a collaborative project by Pamela’s Event Design, Flowers by Copper Creek, Celebrate Rental, and Cover the Top Linen.

Though the image is blurry, you can still see how striking the colors were for our booth table setting.

My friend, Margi Chambers, from Cake Art, had a gorgeous booth, and her cakes were sooooo good. 

The following photos were taken by Michael Wade Photography.


What were your favorite things at the bridal shows you attended this year?  What were the hot colors?  What colors are you using for your wedding?

Comments on: "Bridal Fairs Feature Bold Color in 2009" (2)

  1. I am partial to red and white so anything in that combination immediately gets my attention. I actually loved the green set up. I don’t think I would’ve ever visualized that color for a wedding reception but it looks very elegant. The gray looks too “stately” for me–almost presidential.

  2. Thank you Pam. I really loved the green set up –Green has been a big request for wedding cakes lately. In fact I am doing an entire cake in green with shades of purple florals.

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