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One of the things I enjoy most about weddings is designing something unique for the reception centerpieces.  I am going to allow you a peek into my ultra messy workshop to see something I created using min-calla lilies.  This is an example of floral art.  A centerpiece like this is something that your guests will notice, and can serve as a conversation piece among your guests.  It’s elegant and contemporary, and really shows off this spectacular flower.

This tablescape was designed for a table that was set in charcoal/silver linens.  It was very elegant and drew a lot of attention from the brides at the bridal shows this past weekend.  What do you think about it?  Do you like bling for your wedding?

Comments on: "Calla Lilies Show Off in Centerpieces" (3)

  1. Pam,
    Your centerpieces are AMAZING! Not only are they strikingly beautiful, they’re colorful and sophisticated at the same time. I’m certain the attendees at the bridal shows were absolutely blown away by your creativity and taste. You, my friend, are going to get even busier come June!

  2. Pam,
    absolutely beautiful.

    The passion and love you have shows in every flower you touch and arrangement you create!

    Thanks for sharing,

    Heidi Richards Mooney

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