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Kitchen Remodel Contest

Ladies, never leave your husbands unsupervised!  It’s not a good idea!  HA!  Brides-to-be, let this serve as a warning to you of what could happen to you.

Watch the video to see what my husband did while I was away for the weekend, then leave your comment with the date that you guess this project will be complete.  The one who guesses the closest to the completion date will win a $25.0o Home Depot gift card and a copy of my book “99 Things You Wish You Knew before Planning Your Wedding”.   I would also like to hear your ideas about how to separate the kitchen space from the living area without closing it back up too much.

Week number six of kitchen renovation:

View my make-shift kitchen.  I can’t wait to spend the next ____________________(fill in the blank), cooking here.  However, I will have to make room for lots of flowers when wedding season hits in a few weeks. 

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Comments on: "Kitchen Remodel Contest" (11)

  1. Oh my, Pam–
    I watched each of your videos and you sound remarkably cheery as you continue to make that lemonade! I’ve gone through 2 complete kitchen remodels at 2 different houses and all I can say is: “CRAZY LADY!!!!!” Of course, I didn’t have your recipe for lemonade at the time. 🙂
    However, you seem to be handing things quite well and I now know who to call in an emergency because you have a gift for remaining calm and collected. So– on to your questions. I like wood floors for a few reasons–first they’re easier on the back; secondly, if you drop something on tile, you can be 100% sure it will smash to smithereens; and last, but definitely not least, tile is cold under your tootsies in the winter.
    My guess as to when your kitchen will be finished (don’t hate me now) will be July 2nd–just in time for your Independence Day party. From my previous experiences, the jobs took twice as long as expected and cost twice as much money. By July, just when you feel like you’re going to explode, you can buy some real fireworks and threaten your husband! Armed with fire crackers, a couple of rockets, and even a sparkler or two–you’ll literally have the ammo to get the doggone thing done!
    Best of luck, my friend!

    • Hahaha! It wouldn’t surprise me at all for this to be the date. He knows I am having surgery on March 30th, and need my kitchen back by then, but it isn’t looking too promising.

      If I don’t have it by July 4th, I will NEVER agree to another renovationl.

  2. Stephanie Blythe said:

    Oh Pam! I just LOVE these videos! I’d say your kitchen will be finished May 8. That gives him about 9 more weeks. LOL!

  3. Aren’t husbands grand? My guess is June 15

  4. Harriet Helton said:

    Hey Best Bud – I know I’m not really qualified to speculate on the timeline of your husband’s work, but I would say you will have a workable kitchen by May 16, and the finishing touches will be done by Labor Day. By workable, I mean floor, walls, plumbing working, and stove/refrigerator, etc. hooked back up, cabinets in, and countertops on. By finishing touches, I mean the painting done, all kitchen items back in all cabinets and drawers, all hardware on cabinets and doors, and everything in tip-top, company’s coming shape. Good luck, my friend!!! Wal-Mart, here I come!

  5. Deb Reynolds said:

    I am much more positive than that. I was going to pick tax day but will add a few weeks and make it May Day. 5/1/2010

  6. I am going to say your kitchen hopefully will be done by May 29th just in time for a Memorial Day BBQ and if not think of the bright side you can sit out side and bbq and relax! I hope it doesn’t take longer then that my husband is about to demo my kitchen and I have a 3 year old and I can’t imagine not having a kitchen for that long but I already know it takes about six to eight weeks to get good cabinets. and about another week or so for countertops

  7. Tara Catterson said:

    July 3rd- Celebrate with fireworks!

    • I’m hoping for sooner than July 3rd, but one never knows for sure.
      We now have countertops and the tile backsplash is almost finished. We still don’t have a sink, but maybe by the end of next week. Thanks for stopping by.

  8. That’s a very nice kitchen you have. I wish i have such pretty things in my kitchen. i have nothing but stainless doodles. it looks sooo boring. One day I’d have mine remodeled too. Just waiting for the dollars 😉

    • Thank you. It’s been a dyi project, so it still isn’t complete. The drywall man has to come back and finish some patching on the ceiling, where we removed the walls, but we can’t get him back out here. It’s frustrating. I’ll post pictures when it is completed, and award the contest winner who guessed the dated closest to completion.

      You can do a lot to give a room life with accessories. That’s what got me into loving the retro/cottage look. I began looking around in junk shops, assignment stores, and antique malls for interesting, inexpensive items I could use to accessorize my home. It made a huge difference!

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