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I say a big thank you to those of you who have checked this blog for updates.  There haven’t been very many lately.  I have been away from my computer due to extensive surgery, but I’m back and gearing up for wedding season. 

At Pamela’s Exclusive Floral & Event Design, we are very excited about the 2010 wedding season!  We have amazing brides, who have been a pleasure to work with, and who have trusted us with their vision.  When given creative freedom, we do our best work, so it will be fun to share these ideas with you as they unfold.  We will be using everything from reclaimed tree stumps to diamante crystal chandeliers, and everything in between.  How much fun is that!!  We love the new, bold color palettes!  They will be a pleasant change from the muted periwinkle and lavender of seasons past.   

We are being more eco-friendly in our design and execution of our weddings, moving away from petroleum-based tapes and foams, opting for twine and more natural designs instead, though some designs still require the use of floral foam. 

The prospect of working at venues which are new to us is invigorating.  Three of our weddings will be at Agota Springs, in Kingsport, Tennessee.  Agota Springs boasts a spa, and rustic, yet elegant, reception facilities. A spectacular view of Bays Mountain is the backdrop for the ceremonies. 

Agota Springs Ceremony Site

The house serves as quarters for the bridal party, or it can be used for smaller receptions.  There’s plenty of room for a tent, if you prefer, but the Spa houses a beautiful reception room, and terrace with a view. 

Bridal Party Quarters at Agota Springs

The Spa, which is in a different building, houses a large reception hall.  The hall extends onto a lovely terrace, complete with an outdoor fireplace.

Reception Hall


The Terrace at Agota Springs

The Outdoor Fireplace on the Terrace

Decorating and designing for this facility will be so much fun!  We have lots of ideas that we can’t wait to implement.  Be sure to come back to see what we do with this venue, and the different looks it will have for each wedding. 

East Tennessee, and Southwest Virginia have many spectacular locations for your wedding or special event.  For these areas, and others in the United States,  check out Wedity.  Wedity is a pictorial review of some of the best of the best, featuring, Tennessee, Virginia, Arizona, Florida, Kentucky, Georgia, Maryland, New York, the Carolinas, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., West Virginia, and Wyoming.  If you are undecided about where to have your wedding, check out some of these fabulous, scenic, locations. 

Imagine the possibilities!

Pam Archer, President

Pamela’s Exclusive Floral & Event Design

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