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There are so many talented and friendly professionals in the wedding industry.  I have met many of them via Twitter.  Today, while reading a blog post by Ali Eli Florals, a very cool blog, I discovered another very talented lady.  Camille Wallace is the founder of Petal HappyPetal Happy offers handmade, custom aisle runners that are covered with fabric rose petals of your choice.   The runners, designed for high-end weddings, are available in many styles,colors, and lengths, each one made just for you!  Here are some examples of these gorgeous creations:


For more information on these beautiful runners, contact Petal Happy:


Comments on: "Rose Petal Aisle Runners are Petal Happy" (3)

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  2. You are welcom, Camille! It is very much deserved.

  3. I requested a price quote for petal ribbons from this company on Thursday June 10th. I received the quote on June 11th. In the email it stated please email with any questions on this order, once you email back we will place your order. I emailed back that day. Did not hear back from anyone, that’s fine it was Friday. I waited the weekend and emailed back on Monday no response. So I emailed back today. No response. It takes 8 weeks or more for this order to be made and shipping and my wedding is in September so I was trying to hurry this along. I emailed another person in the company other than the lady I was dealing with. The original lady sent me a very nasty email saying that my price quote had expired AND they also raised there prices from $145 to $230! And if I still wanted this item I could submit a new price request and pay this new price.

    You can not just place the order like normal companies, you have to go back and forth in an email with this woman Camille.

    The customer service has been the worse I’ve ever experienced during the wedding planning and ever before. The lack of response, when I told them how close my wedding was is horrible.

    Camille from Petal is rude, unclear about polices (they seem to change to suit her when a question is asked), she is unprofessional and does not answer emails.

    Buyer beware! I don’t not want another bride to be to have to go through this. I was very excited about getting this for my outdoor wedding, it was the only thing I was splurging on!

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