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In my last post I asked you to submit your DIY ideas.  Thank you to Deanne Topping, owner of Project 1128, for this innovative idea for making guest table numbers.  Deanne is a very talented graphic artist, photographer, illustrator,the list goes on and on!  She makes custom invitations, announcements, save-the-date cards, basically anything you need for your wedding.  It speaks volumes about her that she would offer a DIY idea to you.  I think it is fab-u-lous of her to do this.  Please take time to visit her web site.  There is sooooooo much there to see, you don’t want to miss it.  In fact, you will want to bookmark it!

Without further delay, I introduce to you, Deanne Topping:

I was messing around and thought about a table numbering idea that is a simple cardstock with a spray painted color on the inside…(could be a fabric or color paper, also.  Thanks to the scrapbooking era, color combos are endless!).  Since I was just playing around – I took some scraps of different colors of vellum and put it behind the number.  With different light, it makes a different dimension.
Depending on the colors of the event, I think I might just take out the vellum and place the color(s) on the back part of the cardstock.  Then the colors would show through depending at what angle you were sitting at the table.
Have a great day – hope these pics help fuel the ongoing inspiration.


Comments on: "DIY Wedding Table Numbers" (1)

  1. I love the dress that lights up, I’m going to work this design theme into our latest wedding invitations, cant wait to get them off to print.

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