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Planning a wedding is a process.  It takes many, many hours of time to design a dream wedding, and even more hours to bring it to life.

We’ve been working for several months on a wedding that is taking place this Saturday at The Martha Washington Inn, in Abingdon, Virginia.  We are so excited, because we were given lots of creative freedom, and we have fun things to work with.  This is when we do our best work.  The bride and her mom have been super to work with, and I’ve grown to love them both.   We can’t wait for this wedding!  It’s going to be incredible.  Move over Platinum Weddings, because you don’t have a thing on this one.

I thought it might be fun to journal in this blog regarding our experiences “behind-the-scenes” this week.  Today is Day One.

Today started at 6:30 am with a call to the local wholesaler to see if the truck bearing part of our flowers had arrived from Miami.  Then, it was talking with our driver regarding picking up the refrigerator truck, and making arrangements for him to pick up the first shipment.  Workers arrived at 9:00 and began filling the buckets with water and floral preservative, in preparation for the flowers.  We began unpacking flowers, stripping roses of their thorns and leaves, and trimming each and every stem of the more than 3, 000 blooms.

FedEX arrived with the flowers from Ecuador shortly after.  Another 1,000 flowers will be here tomorrow.  So far, one worker injured her foot in a fall.  We pray it isn’t broken, but she definitely needs x-rays.   A few of us have bleeding fingers from stray thorns, but that’s all in a day’s work for a floral designer.  There were a few problems with the wrong varieties of roses being shipped, and some substitutions that were unacceptable, so that was several more hours of phone calls to get replacements shipped.  It’s all par for the course.

The flowers have made it to East Tennessee from around the world.  Israel, Ecuador, Holland, and various other countries are represented in this mass effort to put together this picture-perfect wedding.

I took some Flip video today, so that you can see what 3,000 roses and peonies look like.

Be sure to check back for video from tomorrow, and every day, culminating with the grande event on Saturday.

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