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I’m so late getting finished with the work on the wedding today that it is already tomorrow!

I forgot to take my flip camera to the venue this afternoon, and this morning was so nuts, that there was no time to use it in the workshop, however I did take a couple of snap shots of the ballroom as we started set-up tonight.

It is going to far exceed any of our visions, I do believe. The room is looking outrageous and it doesn’t even have a single bloom placed yet!
The only downside to any of it is the oppressive heat. It is supposed to be 94 degrees tomorrow and very high humidity. The ceremony will be outdoors, so we will be working hard to keep the flowers misted and shaded.

Their will be a beverage table, with water, lemonade, and punch to help to keep people hydrated and cooled.

It will be Sunday before I will be back on here to give you the whole story and video.

The day starts early tomorrow (today) and will be Sunday before it’s over. I’m soooo excited…that I just can’t hide it!!!

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