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Inviting young children to your wedding is a personal decision.  Some brides opt for an every child left behind affair, others have special connections with the children and it is very important for them to be included.  If you are a teacher and couldn’t imagine your wedding without your students in attendance, it is understandable that you would want them there.  

When children are invited, be prepared to be upstaged by their loud, off-the-cuff comments and questions during the ceremony.  Don’t be surprised by a few of them bursting into tears or, screaming fits.   It’s tough to be a kid and be expected to sit still and quiet.  It’s best to hire a sitter.  Hire  teenagers or adults who will supervise the children.  Having a designated place for them to have their own celebration is a wise idea.  Provide fun things for them to do.  For outdoors, games, bubbles, balls, anything that would be of interest to them, work well.  A table covered in craft paper, with crayons provided gives them something to do while they have to be seated. 

The Kids Room featured here is in a ballroom down the hall from the main ballroom. The theme was a bright and cheery, playful room, built around a beach theme. The centerpieces were sand buckets with bright, paper daisies and bear grass.  Sand was mounded at the base to allow for sea creatures, shells, and starfish accents. 

kids tables for weddings

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Each child had a placemat with a bride and groom on them, along with wedding related games.  The bride and groom got to keep the colored creations from their young guests as a memento of their wedding.  Crayons were provided, as was Play Doh for each child.Wash cloths  doubled as napkins and good clean up after eating messy cupcakes.  Silly Bands Sea Creatures, made darling napkin rings.

Koozies were adorned with beach themed, foam, stickers.  The Koozies held glow bracelets for the bride and groom get away. 

Chicken nuggets and fries were served for their dinner, and cupcakes with sugar worms were served for dessert.  What kid would prefer prime rib over chicken nuggets and cupcakes!  Terra cotta pots were painted green and turned upside down to serve as a base for the pot saucers.  The saucers made cut trays to hold the cupcakes.  Beach towels, with fish on them made a sassy table cover, and were easy to clean up afterwards, just wash and dry. 


With some imagination, and not a lot of money, you can make your young guests happy, and their parents even happier, because they will be free to enjoy your wedding and reception. 

Wonderful sources for purchasing items for children are Big Lots, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Oriental Trading Company (on-line), The Dollar Store, The Dollar Tree, and Dollar General Store. 

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