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Top Three Wedding Dances

Wedding dances are the hottest wedding trend ever!  From the bridal party making their entrance into the ceremony to the first dance at the reception, the surprise factor is what gives it the WOW.  What once was a boring and awkward moment for guests, is now one of the most fun way of expressing the personalities of the bride and groom.  It’s an anything goes wedding world!

Here are my personal favorite top three surprise dances:

Number #3:

Jill and Kevin’s wedding entrance video went viral.  They put the view to a good cause by accepting donations to go toward ending domestic violence.  You can learn more about that by visiting Jill and Kevin’s website:

Number #2:

This couple recreates the famous dance by Patrick Swayze & Jennifer Gray from Dirty Dancing, complete with a custom-made dress for the bride:

This rates my number one spot in the best wedding reception surprises:

Which one was your favorite, and why?  Have you been to a wedding recently that had a surprise or wow factor?  What was it?  I would love to hear from you.

Happy Planning,

Pam Archer

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