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I’m very excited to announce that my book,” 99 Things Brides Wish They Knew Before Planning Their Wedding”  is #1 on Amazon and iPad in the category of wedding planning books!!!  Help me make the best seller list by
downloading it now.  Click here to

99-Book Series

My Book!



Due to the demand and hype around the pioneering and revolutionary Book Series I have written for The 99 Series  The Home Shopping Network is kicking off the launch September 3rd, before the World Launch date of October 6, 2010! 


This is great news for all of you who are excited to get reading!! There are a bunch of options, and you can do one, or all… today!! 

The Series encompasses a roster of inspiring, personal and business development books that have ninety-nine tips in each book, all in a pocket-size format that contains the best ‘need to know’ information. No more reading through hundreds of pages to get that one paragraph that pertains to your particular issue. The ninety-nine concise bullet points make it so easy to get right to the point you need! 

 You can buy the 10-Pack Gift Set! This is an incredible option if you’re looking for a great deal on some incredible books in ALL AREAS of Women’s Life! This is also a great birthday gift or holiday gift for the special woman in your life. Why not surprise her with an email alert that you sent her 10 books to her Kindle or iPad?! How fun!! 

10 book gift set 

You can buy the 5-Pack Gift Set: Love and Money Series for Women! 

5 book gift set 

You can buy my book alone! In case you forgot, Or you can buy any of the incredible books available by the amazing authors in my Series! 


No matter what you choose, you can purchase books TODAY on a Sony E-Reader, Amazon Kindle, Ipad, Kobo, Nook, or Cybook Opus or even upload the pdf to your computer ( on October 6th)!! 

We are proud to say, that we are the FIRST-EVER Series to come out and launch digitally, on a  digital platform… where the future of reading is headed! How GREEN are we?  

Our World launch is still September 27, 2010… that hasn’t changed. 

Don’t forget to WATCH our launch on The Home Shopping Channel

Airtimes: (EST)

9/3 – 7 am 

9/4- 4am,8am,12pm & 5pm

9/5- 7am & 6pm

9/6- 4am & 2pm

9/19- 5am

For those in Canada, you can watch it on

Don’t forget, if you buy a Sony E-Reader from HSN during our launch, you get our 10-Book Bundle for FREEEEEEE!! 

We are all excited for you to get cozy with a good cup of coffee, our books,  and learn start learning! 


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