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Worst Wedding Ideas

Everyone has their own ideas about what constitutes tacky, or less-than-appropriate.  These are my picks for the worst wedding ideas:

From left to right:

James Bond wedding cake, Hello Kitty wedding dress, To Each Her Own cake topper

  • James Bond –  Seriously?  Why would you want machine guns, bombs, etc. to be a key focus of your beautiful, special day?
  • Hello Kitty wedding dress –  If you are still stuck in your childhood, maybe you aren’t quite ready for the big leap into marriage.
  • To Each Her Own cake topper –  Need I explain?

Middle row:

Garters and garb; worst wedding attire, patriotic wedding dress, camo wedding cake

  • Garters and Garb – we are very happy that you feel good about your body, but do your guests really want to see this?
  • Patriotic Wedding Dress – do we salute?
  • Camo Wedding Cake – I’ll hear it from all you hunters out there.

Bottom row:

Wedding dress, diy bridal bouquet, bride’s corsage

  • Wedding Dress – Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmmm!
  • DIY Bridal Bouquet – A prime example of why you need to hire a professional to make your bouquet.
  • Bride’s Corsage – I think this must have been something she made in  kindergarten to wear on her wedding day.

Coming up next…Hot Trends for 2011!

Tacky Wedding Ideas

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