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Cake Toppers for 2011

For the past decade, fresh flowers have ruled as cake toppers and decoration.  While still hot, the newest trend is toward clay modeled, more personalized toppers.

Etsy is one of my favorite sites for anything, and especially for wedding accessories.  I fell in love with these darling cake toppers:

Kissing Bees Cake TopperLove Angels Kissing Bees

Novelty Cake ToppersLove Angels Love Birds

Engraved stones in a bird's nest cake topperOur Nest Cake Topper

Love Birds Cake TopperPink Pearl Love Birds

Hand Molded Bride and Groom Cake TopperBride and Groom

I am amazed by the detail in these cake toppers.  The sculptor paid attention to getting every detail of this wedding dress correct.  The bride and groom one is made by Thumb Print Kids.  What is even more impressive is that you can send them a picture of the two of you, and they will make them look exactly like you, down to every detail!

I hope you enjoyed looking at these cake toppers, and that they will spark some creativity for your own wedding cake.  I like to admire other wedding vendor’s work, and when it is worthy of showcasing, I love to share it with you.

Happy wedding planning!



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