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Do you ever look through old photographs and find some favorites you had forgotten about?  I did that this week, and over the next few posts, I am going to share a few with you.  There will be lots of random wedding things, from DIY projects for your bridesmaids and some of my favorite wedding photography shots,  to cake details, so check back every couple of days for some really cute ideas.

Indulge me today, as I show you the most beautiful flower girl EVER!  Not that I am the least bit biased, but this child…ahem…my great-niece…is every bit as sweet and angelic as she looks.  But, before I show you her picture as a flower girl, I want to share a picture that was captured of her playing dress up.  Notice the bare feet…sweet dirt, that’s what I call it.

playing dress-up

Just tell me that Laura Beth is not a beautiful child!  Between those eyes and the pearls….

Check out this black and white flower girl dress!

Black and white tulle flower girl dress

On a personal note, Laura Beth’s baby brother was born this week.  She first saw Asa before they had cut the umbilical cord.  She asked her mom, “When are they going to cut the power cord?”  How cute is that!

Do you have some cute flower girl or ring bearer pictures to share?  I’ll post them here.  Just e-mail them to me at  If I receive enough, I’ll do a contest.

Comments on: "Random Wedding Week – Saturday" (2)

  1. That’s adorable. When my third child was born, Ari was 6 and Andrew was 4. When they came to the hospital to see their new baby sister, Andrew climbed up to look in the window, turned to Ari and said: “that’s my baby sister –you have to get your own ” 🙂

    • pam archer said:


      That is toooo cute! I’ve told several people about it.

      Thank you for taking the time to stop by the blog and to comment. It means a lot!


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