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If you are a do-it-yourself type, this post is for you!  This is a fun and cute idea for gifts for your bridesmaids.  I made the first set for one of my brides, and the other three for my daughters.

I purchased the straw bag at Target for $2.50.  The hat, flip-flops, ribbon,flowers,  and buttons came from Hobby Lobby.  Each set required 9 yards of ribbon and a little hot glue.  I simply wrapped the flip-flops with strands of ribbon, approx. 2 yards on each shoe.  Then, I cut 3″ strips from the different ribbons and tied them together with florist wire, but you can use whatever you choose.  It was fun, fast, and easy, once I got the hang of it.  Be sure to pull the ribbon taut as you wrap it around the straps and thong part of the shoes.




Do you have a DIY project you are working on for your wedding?  Please share it with me at

Pam Archer

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